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Ahmed Yasser and Burj Khalid Behind him

Born and raised in Egypt, Ahmed is an online hustler as he started designing websites at the age of 16, founded Zawia when he was at high school and worked as a freelancer while he was in college.

At the age of 14. He wanted to find a way to make money online. He did stupid stuff, learnt ActionScript 6 months before Apple dropped support for Adobe Flash, spent a few months clicking ads earning .01 cent per ad, and of-course he never completed a dollar.

The first successful business he actually started was on Themeforest where he founded Zawia and had the chance to design and code different digital products that were used be about 1000 small companies and startups from all over the world.

At the same time, he studied Mechanical Engineering but quickly realized how fucked up is the education system in Egypt so he decided to focus on his digital work and dropped out of college.

Getting bored of designing/coding the same things over and over, he wanted to start a new journey where he can work on more exciting stuff. Started-off on Upwork where he succesfully managed to land some exciting projects and clients as a product designer and front-end devloper.

Over the last few years he has helped some companies to improve their product experience like Transformd and Merchant Warrior. Also, helped other companies to launch their products from scratch like Spanat and Momento.

Currently, he is working as a freelance product designer and front-end deveoloper with deep interest in design systems and end to end product experience.


Ahmed's work has been featured in places like Case Study Club, Minimal Gallery, Mindsparkle Mag, Gallery.io, Landing Folio, Lapa.ninja and more to come.

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