Ahmed Yasser


Born and raised in Egypt, Ahmed is an online hustler as he started designing websites at the age of 16, founded Zawia when he was at high school and worked as a freelancer while he was in college.

He studied mechanical engineering but he quickly realized how fucked up is the education system in Egypt so he decided to focus on his digital work and dropped out of college.

Clients World-Wide

At Zawia, he had the chance to design and code premium digital products that have been used by more than 800 agencies and startups from all over the world.

Freelancing allowed him to work with awesome teams from different cultures with new challenges. He helped Momento, a small startup helping couples and wedding planners plane their wedding, to design their product. He also helped Transformd, a product that empowers companies to deliver sophisticated customer experiences, to redesign their web application. He joined Merchant Warrior to help them redesign their platform for merchants and corporations.

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