Ahmed Yasser posing for a photo over the beach
Ahmed Yasser
Human Being

Born and raised in Egypt, Ahmed is a product designer, developer, builder, music maker and low-key digital nomad. He started playing with technology early on when was 13 years old, the same time Facebook games were very popular and he wanted to make one. That's when he got into learning Adobe Flash, and built his love for coding with ActionScript and design with Photoshop.

In high school he started his first online business called Zawia, which is an online store for selling digital templates, and sold them to 1000+ customers around the world.

As a typical hard working Egyptian kid he got high grades in high school which led him to study mechanical engineering for two years but after a while he realized how fucked up is the education system in Egypt so he decided to focus on his digital work and dropped out of college.

During this hate-hate relationship with college, he focused on freelancing, working with SMBs and startups helping them level up their product and brand experiences.

After a while, he wanted to ride on a startup rocketship, helping one of those wanna-be a 🦄 startups to actully be one. That’s when he joined Musiversal. During his time there, he helped them launch their first MVP, refine their product strategy, establish their brand, plan, design and launch various marketing initiatives.

The dream of starting his own thing kept visiting him every time he went to sleep and that’s when he left Musiversal and started building small companies like Domtak, Daft Art, Super Shoot. Currently, he is a Product Designer at Deta, where he spends his time re-imagining personal cloud computing.

This was actually written to remind Ahmed of his journey so far and doesn't expect anyone to read the whole thing but if you did, feel free to just say hi!