Spanat on an iPad
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According to Forbes, when CEOs talk strategy, 70% Of the company doesn't get it and that's simply because the process of setting and keeping track of goals is broken. Spanat was founded to change that. Spanat is a platform that enables small to medium businesses plan, discuss and track the progress of their OKRs, eliminating core problems like transparency and alignment.

From research and wireframing to prototyping and user testing, I was responsible for the design of the whole platform, reimagining the goal-management experience, establishing a design system and creating the marketing website.

Objectives on an iPad
Main Objectives screen
Empty objectives screen
Alignment mode screen
Individual OKR screen

We made it easy for people to create, manage and keep progress of their OKRS clearing common problems like keeping teams aligned with their goals, improving visibility and providing realistic expectations.

Reflections on an iPad
Empty reflections screen
Create a reflection screen
Create a reflection screen
Create a reflection screen
Review reflections screen
Browse reflections screen
Create a reflection screen

How can we make it easy for managers to collect feedback and reviews from their team members? Reflections' intuitive user interface makes it easy to create, send and browse feedback from employees to managers and vice versa.

People screen on an iPad
People screen
Browse people screen
Search people screen
Individual profile screen
Browse people dropdown

Transparency between teams and individual members is one of the core problems Spanat wanted to solve. The People feature allows team members to access real-time information about each other's work, goals and current progress.

Insights screen on an iPad
Insights screen
Activity feed screen

The insights feature was designed to make it easy for managers and employees to keep pulse on what's happening across their teams and company. It provides curated insights to help them understand the current effectiveness of their teams and guide them on what to plan for.

Colors of the Spanat Design System
Typography of the Spanat Design System
Spacing of the Spanat Design System
Buttons of the Spanat Design System
Dropdowns of the Spanat Design System
Avatars of the Spanat Design System

The Spanat design system was established covering everything from colors and typography to avatars and dropdowns ensuring consistent design everywhere while allowing for scaling the software as the company grows.

Spanat marketing website on an iPad
Spanat website homepage
Section one of the Spanat website
Section two of the Spanat website
Section three of the Spanat website
Section four of the Spanat website
Spanat website homepage with dropdown opened

As part of launching this hot new startup, I worked on the design of the marketing website, explaining the platform and its value proposition and getting companies excited about trying out the software.

Pricing screen on an iPad
Pricing page
1-on-1 Meetings page
OKRs page
Reflections page
Solutions page
Guides page on an iPad

Although it has been some time now, Spanat is still in its pre-launch phase. Only god and the founder know when it'll be launched! Nevertheless, it's still one of the most fulfilling and challenging projects I've worked on.

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